Nightrealms Carrion Crown

December 4, 2011 XP

Encounter Type XP
Zombies (5) Combat 1,000
Vincent DuMont Roleplaying 1,000
Father Charlatan Haunt 1,600
Gray Ooze Combat 1,200
Blood-Writ Names Haunt 2,400
The Splatter Man Combat 2,400
Defeating the Five and Returning the Badge to Vesorianna Story Award 2,400
Total 12,000
Character XP Total Class Level (Level 5 – 15,000xp)
Ryszard 10,943 Paladin 4
Haza 10,943 Cleric 4
Torquemada 11,193 Inquisitor 4


freebfrost freebfrost

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