The Deck of Christmas Things

Star (KD) – Gain Favor of a Good-aligned supernatural being (Solar named Salahadi).

Moon (QD) – +2 STR inherent bonus.

Aurora Borealis (JD) – Automatically know the path to the next place, thing or locale.

Comet (2D) – Gain knowledge of an ambush or trap ahead.

Throne (KH) – Automatic save for next peril.

Key (QH) – Acquire deed to small fortress and land in near Trollheim in the Lands of the Linnorm Kings.

Knight (JH) – Next Melee is as a similar level fighter, or if a fighter, at +4 levels.

Tree (2H) – +2 inherent natural AC bonus.

Wisdom (KC) – +2 inherent WIS bonus.

Menorah (QC) – Gain ability to cast Continual Flame at will.

Skull (JC) – automatic save versus next failed save by undead, or resist 2 level drains from same.

Hooves (2C) – Summon a flying reindeer once anually to carry you wherever you wish to go.

North Pole (KS) – Gain Resist 5 to cold permanently.

Euryale (QS) – Fully cure/heal all injuries, insanities, etc.

Rogue (JS) – largest type of Bag of Holding as a gift.

Balance (2S) – Gain 50,000 XP.

Toymaker (J) – One weapon of your choice gains an additional +1 enhancement.

Vizier (AD) – Gain +2 INT inherent bonus

Idiot (AC) – Wander around next town, singing, demanding drink from passers-by.

Fates (AH) – Next night slept, visited by three Ghosts. If attacked, all normal abilities apply; if not gain +2 CHA at end of night

The Gift (AS) – Gain 1 Level!

The Deck of Christmas Things

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