Nightrealms Carrion Crown

Secrets in the Library

Gozran 11th, 4711

Meet & Greet

Entering the safety of the manor walls, the party was met by the halfling porter Belik. He wore an apologetic grin and carried a silver tray holding hand-carved wooden mugs containing a steaming beverage. Belik beckoned the characters over.


“Please accept my most sincere apologies for my inappropriate behavior earlier. I was not informed of your coming and acted hastily on behalf of the lodge warden. I can assure you that you will suffer no further ill treatment during your stay at Ascanor Lodge.”

He politely offered the party hot coffee, and then continued.

“If it’s convenient for you, my master requests your company at this time for a brief introduction and to offer his apologies as well.”

Belik gestured them to follow and led them into the lodge, through a large hall, and up the stairwas, stopping at at a door where he knocked three times. The door creaks open, revealing a circular room with book-lined walls and s a slight man in his sixties, with a long face, myopic eyes, dirty spectacles, and a permanent squint.

Estovion lozarov

Belik bowed low and presented a formal introduction:

“Esteemed guests, may I present Estovion Lozarov, Lodge Warden of Ascanor.”

Estovion thanked the porter and curtly dismissed him, waiting until the halfling’s footsteps faded off down the hall before speaking. Then he greeted the party and spoke in a somber tone.

“Please do not hold the actions of my porter against him. The error in your improper greeting was entirely mine. I neglected to inform my staff of the open invitations I gave to the Order,” — he paused here to wink — “and they did not recognize the reservations. Rest assured, however, that all of the lodge’s facilities are at your disposal, including our libraries. While the general library is down the hall, this one,” he says, gesturing at the book-filled shelves, “is likely better suited to your research.”

Estovion then escorted the team back down to the lower level, leading them to the dining room where refreshments were being served. There were two men partaking of the late night snack. One was a younger noblemen, deep into a bottle of deep green absinthe, a perpetual sneer seemingly frozen on his face. He seemed irritated at being interrupted, but pompously introduced himself as Corvin Tergsvor of Courtaud.

Corvin tergsvor

The other, also of noble bearing, was in his 50’s, mustached and goateed, and sipped at a glass of burgundy wine. He introduced himself as Cilas Greydon, the Margrave of Sturnidae, formerly of Barstoi.

Cilas graydon

Additional viands were brought into the dining room, by the manor’s scullions, Yvonna and Ostin.


Greydon turned out to be a good conversationalist. Corvin, however, was exactly the spoiled, stuck-up, snob that he at first appeared to be. 788888888888888888888888888

Gozran 12th, 4711

Wolves in the wood

Werewolves in the woods

Secrets in the Library

Estovion library searched – diary found

Haza and the Harlot

Haza speaks with Ivanja and spends quality time


(Giant T attacks)


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