Nightrealms Carrion Crown

Below Undiomede House

Desnus 4th, 4711

The Phase Door

Having defeated the Vizier and the horrific monster he transformed into upon his death, the party decided to return to the village of Illmarsh and report back to Mayor Greedle. However, upon arriving at the Illmarsh Town Hall, however, the group was informed that the Mayor was not in his office. Torquemada was able to convince the young deputy to give up the fact that the Mayor was reportedly heading out to the old Undiomede House on some business, but the deputy did not have any further details. Having had a long and brutal day, the party retired to the relative comfort of the Bountiful Catch Inn, and planned to spend the evening recuperating whilst waiting for the Mayor to return to town.

An uneventful night passed, but the party was quick to discover that the Mayor had not returned during the night. The deputy, while admittedly concerned, did not seem overworried, dismissing it as an uncommon, but not unprecedented, act by the mayor.

The party remained unconvinced, and so decided to drop by the Mayor’s home in the hopes of catching him there. But, only a locked house awaited them.

A locked house with an open second-story window.

A few minutes later at the urging of his new-found friends, Ramirez Saul could be seen nimbly climbing up the front of the Mayor’s house. A closed shutter proved to be a hindrance, but soon enough Ramirez was inside the house, calling out for Mayor Greedle. He yelled down that he would throw down a rope, but Torque convinced him of the wisdom of going downstairs and opening the front door instead.

Mayor Greedle’s house was in good shape, however, the back door stood wide open and the sitting room for receiving guests clearly showed signs of a struggle. Of the Mayor himself, there was no sign.

Torque and Lashmar went out the open door, scanning the ground for tracks as they left. Sure enough, tell-tale signs of at least two humanoids carrying another between them were found. The party swiftly followed the spoor, which led them quickly back to Undiomede House, where the tracks disappeared.

Once again, the party searched the house, but of Mayor Greedle, there was no sign. However, this time Haza noticed a slime trail from one of the slug spawn creatures. The trail emerged from a hole in a wall on the lower level and led back into the Central Hall, disappearing at the base of one of the ancient stone menhirs that supported the dome above.

Immediately, the party set into discovering the secret of the stone. Torquemada looked for secret catches and pressure plates, Ramirez tried moving the 30-ton stone monolith by force, and Haza and Lashmar tried arcane and divine means to solve this puzzle.

However, the silent stone resisted their efforts. There seemed to be no mechanical or magical egress into the rock.

It was then that Torquemada noticed a very slight depression in the face of the stone- a space that was just large enough for a medallion to fit into. A medallion like that found on the Vizier’s body the day before.

Torquemada dug out the medallion and touched it to the rock, where it remained attached to the stone. There was a faint stirring in the air, and suddenly, a portal of smoky gray mist appeared in the face of the stone pillar.

A phase door!

But where did it lead?

There was only one way to find out, and the party stepped into the misty doorway and disappeared…

Below Undiomede House

Colour-blighted woman
Exit tunnel



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